# IceBlock

Our "IceBlock" product presents an exciting opportunity for ICE token holders to earn validator rewards by staking their tokens in exchange for a share of Swapsicle produced validator rewards. Through our validator on the Avalanche network, we generate rewards, and we're delighted to share these rewards with our token holders.

By staking your ICE tokens, you actively participate and in return for your contribution, you earn AVAX rewards, providing you with an additional stream of income while supporting Swapsicle.

The AVAX rewards earned through staking ICE tokens will be provided in a wrapped Avax token based on the chain you are choosing to participate in.

The rewards will have a cap on them as we want to ensure the long term sustainability of the product.

We understand the importance of choice and expanding the options for our validators. By enabling users to stake ICE tokens and earn AVAX, we not only provide immediate rewards but also lay the foundation for future validator options. This paves the way for our ecosystem to grow, diversify, and embrace multiple validators, offering enhanced security and decentralization.

At our core, we prioritize transparency and fairness. The rewards distribution will be based upon a fixed APR.

Last Updated: 11/15/2023, 12:45:54 PM