# Freeze/Defrost

The first option users have within the Igloo is the ability to “defrost” their ICE tokens in exchange for the liquid traded SLUSH token. The SLUSH token is the native DEX token for Swapsicle. Users have multiple options when defrosting from ICE to SLUSH. A user defrosting ICE can select between a minimum 14 days and a maximum of 90 days to defrost their ICE tokens. The different time frames determine the amount of SLUSH tokens users will receive at the expiration of the defrosting countdown. Example below:

  • 14 days 1 ICE = 0.5 SLUSH
  • 30 days 1 ICE = 0.605 SLUSH
  • 60 days 1 ICE = 0.803 SLUSH
  • 90 days 1 ICE = 1 SLUSH

The Igloo is also where users can convert SLUSH to ICE instantly for no fees at a 1:1 ratio to utilize within the Igloo product suite or to stake for an Ice Cream Zombie NFT..

Last Updated: 11/15/2023, 12:45:54 PM