# Roadmap

Phase 1: (August/September 2023)

  • Redeployment of LP and farm contracts and v2 tokenomics on Telos EVM Mainnet.
  • POPS old to SLUSH/ICE new swap contract.
  • Introduction of the new Ice Cream Van staking mechanism.
  • Implementation of the exclusive Zombie Van staking mechanism for Ice Cream Zombies Club NFT holders.
  • Implementation of Algebra technical stack.
  • The deployment of instant liquidity.

Phase 2: (September/October 2023)

  • Launchpad and Airdrop staking product , enabling ICE token holders to participate in token sales and airdrops.
  • Addition of IceBlock, enabling ICE token holders to stake and earn validator rewards.
  • Farm Voting, giving ICE token holders the power to vote on the allocation of farm basis points.
  • Implementation of Gamma managed liquidity.

Please note that the provided roadmap is subject to adjustments and may evolve based on development progress, community feedback, and market conditions. Swapsicle is committed to delivering a robust and feature-rich platform, aiming to enhance user experience, liquidity provision, and trading efficiency throughout the roadmap implementation.

Last Updated: 11/15/2023, 12:45:54 PM