Q: What is Swapsicle?

A: Swapsicle is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Telos EVM and Mantle. It aims to provide a secure, fast, and scalable trading environment.

Q: What is the dual token economy in Swapsicle v2?

A: Swapsicle v2 has introduced two tokens - SLUSH and ICE. SLUSH is the primary DEX token, while ICE is the utility token used for rewards and community participation.

Q: What is Igloo?

A: Igloo is where ICE tokens can be utilized. Here, users can freeze/defrost SLUSH and ICE, and access all the premium products available in the Swapsicle Ecosystem.

Q: How do you get ICE tokens?

A: ICE tokens can be obtained by freezing SLUSH in the Igloo and by taking part in our farms.

Q: What can you do with ICE tokens?

A: ICE unlocks a range of utilities and rewards:

Stake in Ice Cream Van to earn platform fees. Access higher rewards in Zombie Van. (for NFT holders) Enable instant SLUSH liquidity pairs. Earn launchpad rewards and airdrops. (Phase 2) Receive validator rewards via IceBlock. (Phase 2) Boost your farm yields via Yield Booster. (Phase 2) Vote for farm emission distribution. (Phase 2)

Q: How long does it take to defrost ICE into SLUSH?

A: Converting ICE back to SLUSH requires a defrosting period of 14-90 days.

Q: Can I change my defrosting period once I initiate an ICE defrost?

A: No, once a user selects and confirms a period of time for defrosting and submits their transaction, the user must wait the full length of time selected or “cancel” to restart the process. For example, if a user selects 90 day defrost, after 60 days the user cannot “cancel” the defrosting to earn a portion of the ICE defrosted.

Q: Is there a difference in defrosting time for NFT holders?

A: Yes, Ice Cream Zombie NFT holders can defrost ICE into SLUSH in 10-60 days rather than the standard 14-90 days.

Q: Are there any fees for using ICE?

A: Some ICE uses like defrosting have deallocation fees that burn ICE tokens, making the token deflationary.

Q: Is ICE a transferable token?

A: ICE tokens are not transferable nor liquid for trading. A User must “defrost” their ICE tokens from The Igloo in order to obtain SLUSH which is the liquid traded token.

Q: Can ICE be purchased directly?

A: No, ICE must be obtained by freezing SLUSH tokens in the Igloo. Direct purchase is not enabled.

Q: What is the total supply of tokens?

A: There is a maximum supply of 25 million tokens. However, the future decision regarding supply will be controlled by the DAO.

Q: How are the tokens deflationary?

A: 22.5% of swap fees are used to buy back and burn SLUSH tokens. Some ICE uses have deallocation fees that burn ICE. Converting ICE to SLUSH in under 90 days also leads to a less than 1:1 ratio which gets burned.

Q: How are swap fees distributed?

Swap fees range from 0.01% to 1.5%. Of these:

22.5% go towards SLUSH buyback and burn 15% to Liquidity Providers 10% toward Developers 7.5% to Treasury 45% towards Staking Rewards

Q: What is concentrated liquidity?

A: Concentrated liquidity allows users to provide liquidity in specific price ranges rather than across all ranges. This leads to higher rewards and fees for LPs.

Q: Do I purchase an Ice Cream Zombie NFT?

A: No, users stake SLUSH tokens for one calendar year in order to gain access to the NFT. Users can keep their NFT art if users choose not to stake again after the first year, but all NFT benefits are deactivated if users choose not to re-stake their SLUSH.

Q: What benefits do Ice Cream Zombie NFT holders receive?

A: NFT holders get reduced ICE defrosting times, increased rewards, no deallocation fees, and exclusive access to the Zombie Van.

Q: How do I stake to mint an Ice Cream Zombie NFT with ICE?

A: Visit Ice Cream Zombie Club (opens new window)

Q: What will happen to POPS with the launch of v2?

There will be a token swap from POPS to the new SLUSH and ICE tokens. Users will be able to exchange their POPS for the new v2 tokens at a 110:1 ratio for SLUSH and at a 100:1 ratio for ICE.

Q: Will POPS have any remaining utility after the swap?

A: No, POPS will be phased out and replaced entirely by SLUSH and ICE. The POPS token will no longer have any utility or value on Swapsicle after the token swap.

Q: Will there be a deadline to swap POPS tokens?

Most likely yes, though official details are yet to be announced. There will likely be a set window of time in which users need to swap their POPS before the token is deprecated.

Q: What do I earn for entering a farm?

A: In addition to the share of fees for entering the liquidity pool, you may also be rewarded in ICE tokens for staking your LP tokens into a farm. The estimated APR is displayed on each farm.

Q: Can I trade on Swapsicle PRO in the USA?

A: Current regulations do NOT permit users with USA IP addresses to trade on Swapsicle PRO.

Last Updated: 11/15/2023, 12:45:54 PM